Louis CK, 3 MSG sellouts

January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Louis CK / Courtesy louisck.net

Louis CK / Courtesy louisck.net

Was a part of CK’s record-breaking third sellout house at MSG on Saturday. (Unfortunately, the predictions for the unimpressive Juno forced him to cancel his fourth and final show. It hadn’t sold out yet, but.)

I’m still thinking about this one. Like those shows that turned into “Oh My God,” it was solid, and great fun to watch him work the massive venue. It just not as probing and as scathing as previous sets.

As I write this I think about the sniveling driver who, in CK’s world, cuts across several lanes of traffic to make a turn. He shrugs and vaguely apologizes to all other drivers because, What Else Can He DO? This is his favorite way, and driving a block out of his way would only suit 99% of his criteria. I might be that driver.