Bridget Everett, Force of Nature

January 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Bridget Everett (Photograph: Tawni Bannister / Time Out)

Bridget Everett (Photograph: Tawni Bannister / Time Out)

It’s hard to remain closed off and unimpressed with Bridget Everett is running the room. I oncehelped book a variety show for French cultural organization Villa Gillet, and the night of the show, the crowd (which included more than a few quiet French folks) felt staid. They were stunned when Everett barreled into their midst singing “Titties.” Their gasps, their squeals of delight, felt even more hard-earned and delicious than the raucous cheers of those regulars at Joe’s Pub.

I’ve loved her for years, so I was glad to get to write something up for Time Out’s New Yorkers of the Year. This is a longer version of our interview:

New Yorker of the Year 2017: Bridget Everett

Oh, yeah, I also made somesilly predictions for the New Year:

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