Chappelle’s Problematic Best

January 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Photograph: Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

Photograph: Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

If you love comedy, you’re heard a flood of opinions about Dave Chappelle’s difficult and occasionally rewarding new hours on Netflix. My colleagues from Vulture did a good job of mulling them over:

Dave Chappelle Is Mostly Disappointing in His New Netflix Specials
How Seriously Does Dave Chappelle Want to be Taken?

I got an assignment to look at the positives. The specials, thorny as they are, resisted the listicle treatment but there are, of course, good jokes in here…

Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Specials: The Best Jokes

Bridget Everett, Force of Nature

January 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Bridget Everett (Photograph: Tawni Bannister / Time Out)

Bridget Everett (Photograph: Tawni Bannister / Time Out)

It’s hard to remain closed off and unimpressed with Bridget Everett is running the room. I oncehelped book a variety show for French cultural organization Villa Gillet, and the night of the show, the crowd (which included more than a few quiet French folks) felt staid. They were stunned when Everett barreled into their midst singing “Titties.” Their gasps, their squeals of delight, felt even more hard-earned and delicious than the raucous cheers of those regulars at Joe’s Pub.

I’ve loved her for years, so I was glad to get to write something up for Time Out’s New Yorkers of the Year. This is a longer version of our interview:

New Yorker of the Year 2017: Bridget Everett

Oh, yeah, I also made somesilly predictions for the New Year:

Totally Accurate Predictions for NYC 2018